departed Lafayette at 8:00a


altitude, 9000' with 34 mph head wind

interrupted flight plan by landing at Mobile Regional at 9:30a

Well, I decided not to go all the way to Tallahassee today.  The weather is bad and since I can't see anything I landed at Mobile Regional in Mobile, AL.  I had to get about 300' above the runway to even see it.  I'm grateful that this plane has such good avionics.

I rented a car, had a good meal, found a nice hotel, and called it a day. I'll try again in the morning.

Continuation of KLFT to KTLH

departed Mobile Regional at noon; arrived Tallahassee at 2:00p

a little cloudy and a moderate tailwind; visibility good cruise altitude 3000'

This was a nice flight.  The landscape is really flat, but it was interesting to fly along the coastline of the Northern Gulf of Mexico.  I was able see the USS Alabama docked permanently in the Mobile Bay.  Cool!

The international airport at Tallahassee is nothing like DFW.  Big enough to support the capital of Florida, but small enough to be able to find your way easily.

I then rented a car from the airport rental fleet.

When looking at the city's attractions one of the first things I noticed was a concert by Keb' Mo' at Florida State Univ. for the evening of Feb 9.  Patti and I were able to photograph a concert of his in Longview.  Another cool thing!  Too bad the concert isn't tonight; I would like to see him again.  But, there is a Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra concert tonight at the University.  I hope there are still tickets.  Well, I plopped down 25 bucks to see the first concert of the season.  I'll bet it will be good.

Since I had a little spare time before dark and the weather wasn't terrible I took a short drive to the St. Marks Lighthouse (or light station as the locals call it) at the mouth of the St. Marks River on Apalachee Bay.  Really quite interesting and well kept.  The lighthouse was constructed in late 1831 to be the second lighthouse to be built in Florida.  The cost: a whopping $11,765.  Interestingly, a renovation in 2000 cost more than $150,000.  It also is located in the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.  I wish I had a little more time to explore. 

Now time to find a room and a restaurant. I found a neat restaurant called "Kool Beanz Cafe" where I stopped for dinner.  A very relaxed atmosphere with some good menu choices.  I chose the Boneless Duck Breast with sweet-sour drizzle, apple chutney, asparagus and sweet potato fries.  I didn't even know what apple chutney was.  I found out when it came to the table.  In Texas, we call it apple cobbler, but it doesn't have a cobbler crust.  Still cinnamony with chunks of apple and tastes good.  By the way, the entire meal was very good.

I then made my way to the 7:30p concert at FSU.  The violinist, 25 year old Blake Pouliot is a really talented performer.  The entire concert was exceptional.  Needless to say, I enjoyed it.

I couldn't get a room near the airport, but the Courtyard by Marriott was only $90.  That's where I stayed.

The next leg of this journey will begin our Southern Sojourn.  See you net time.

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