SFAtW Introduction

Posted for January 1, 2021 by Dennis Harris

Several years ago (2010-2012) I started a Simulated Flight Around the World using Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

I was using the software to help me better understand the cultures and features of places beyond the borders of Texas.  It was much easier for me to do this with a simulator for obvious reasons.

I started my journey out of Longview, TX and made short flights through the USA, Canada, Alaska, Eastern Russia, Japan, Korea, China, and finally ended up in the Philippines before taking a nine year break.

At each location, usually about 200 miles apart, I would research the culture and demographics of the area.  I would learn about the food, the traditions, the sights, the commerce and the politics.  I learned quite a lot.  I would then pass this information on to my friends and family through posts to Facebook.  Sometimes those who got in after the first few posts actually thought I was really flying a small, single engine, propeller-driven plane to these places.  It was fun.

Well, for Christmas 2020 I got a new computer and purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.  After testing a few planes and learning how to use the Garmin G1000 navigation system I have embarked on another sojourn.  But this time I am crossing the United States to visit each of the National Parks and many of the National Monuments.

I will be starting with the two National Parks in Texas; Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains.

I will be posting my adventure through posts to this blog.  Many of the posts will include images taken from the air.  There are no guarantees this will last around the entire United States, but I am going to start.  I invite you to follow along.

- Dennis

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