Our Friends' Websites - Focused Expressions

Some of Our Friends' Websites

We like to make you aware of some of our business friends by providing a link to their websites.

Longview Brass and Aluminum - Clint Coley of LBA gave us a great opportunity to supply them with photographs of their products and processing environment. This is one of the few working foundries in East Texas.

East Texas Reflections - Gary Edwards is committed to showcasing all of the wonderful things of East Texas. He was a major sports photographer for many years and his resume includes the nomination for the Pulitzer Prize for a great shot of Jack Nicholas winning the 1986 Masters Golf Tournament. He and his wife, Debbie, call MIneola, Texas their home.

Mike Childress Art - Mike Childress is an East Texas artist who works in Pen & Ink and Pencil Drawings. He has been commissioned by numereous corporations, wildlife organizations and individuals.  Please take a look at his work and you too will understand why I have included his website here.

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